The Paine Flyer

A Newsletter of the Paine Field WPA Chapter

The Paine Flyer - October/November 2021

President’s Message

Hopefully everyone has had a summer that included some fun flying and adventure. This summer I flew to a number of airports and have landed at or visited 100 airports... Read More

2021 Hood River Fly-In

Highly Recommended I just returned from the Hood River Fly-In this weekend and made a video of my adventure. As president of local EAA Chapter 84 on Harvey Field it... Read More

Election of 2022 Chapter Officers

We held our chapter election during our November 5th General Membership Meeting. The slate of officers elected unanimously by voice vote was s follows: President: Jerry BarkleyVice President: Sandy Allen(Approved... Read More

2021 Reno Air Race

What? Airplanes RACE? Of course they do, ever since 1909! Please note that AIR races are not to be confused with SUBMARINE races. (You haven’t heard of submarine races? Go... Read More

PIREP – First Time in IMC

Why did nobody tell me how amazing it is to fly in the clouds? After years of dreading those fluffy monsters and postponing flights at the first sign of any... Read More

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