The Paine Flyer

A Newsletter of the Paine Field WPA Chapter

The Paine Flyer - March/April/May 2021

May 2021 President’s Message

Make Wings and Fly As we head into spring and with the weather improving, hopefully you are getting some flying in and staying current.  Most airport restaurants are now open... Read More

Spatial Disorientation in Flight

As pilots, we need to be aware of our physiology limitations, which can lead us into serious trouble, and know what to do about it.  A leading cause of non-survivable... Read More

From Everett to Austin

Freestyle Cross-Country by GA Our son Matt recently moved from northern California to Austin, Texas. We hadn't seen him since Christmas and we have both been vaccinated so we decided... Read More

Foster the Passion for Flight with EAA

Young Eagles Flights Help Kids Take to The Skies As president of EAA Chapter 84 in Snohomish, I encourage all WPA members who are also EAA members to conduct Young... Read More

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