The Paine Flyer

A Newsletter of the Paine Field WPA Chapter

The Paine Flyer - January 2020

President’s Message – About Me

I am honored to serve as your president for 2020.  I love flying to backcountry airstrips with my wife, Kolette, and our dog, Dork, in our Skylane RG.  I started flying in 1979 while I was a junior in high school.  I soloed just before my 17th birthday and earned my private Pilot License shortly... Read More

Christmas Party 2019

For the second year in a row we had a wonderful Christmas Party at the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum.  Shawn O’Donnell and his team provided us with great food for the event. We awarded four awards during the event: Pilot of the Year – Rich JonesSponsor of the Year – Robert Collins at... Read More

January 10th Monthly Meeting and 2020 Meeting Schedule

Our January WPA meeting will be held at the Le Bistro and will feature a 2019 Year in Review as well as entertaining suggestions on how to make 2020 an even better year.  I would like to solicit input from the membership on what events and speakers they would like included in our schedule for... Read More

Snohomish County Council Meeting, Dec 5 2019

The WPA and the Flying Heritage Museum met with the Paine Field Airport Director and two Council members in the Snohomish County Council Conference room to discuss several concerns that General Aviation (GA) pilots flying out of Paine Field have expressed. Attendees at the meeting were: WPA: Richard Beckert, Jerry Barkley, Gregg Ortega; Flying Heritage... Read More

Aviation Explorer Post

The WPA (Paine Chapter) has a unique opportunity to host an Aviation Explorer Post and help youth (age 14-21) explore careers in aviation.  Aviation exploring combines some classroom training with introductory flight lessons.  Explorers get to experience firsthand what it’s like to be a pilot, aircraft mechanic, flight engineer, air traffic controller, etc.  More details... Read More

Past President’s Message

Changing of the Guard I have great confidence in Rick Beckert’s leadership skills and I hope that our whole organization both welcomes and supports him in his new role as President of the Paine Field WPA Chapter.  Rick has already been at work on ideas for improving our Paine Field Chapter. Looking Back I looked... Read More

Membership Corner – January 2020

How did it get to be Christmas again, so soon? Personally I think it has something to do with global space-time warping. At any rate it seems the nice summer flying days were just a little too few this year, so when it was nice I hope y’all got a chance to take advantage of... Read More