While the COVID-19 epidemic is impacting our lives, we are postponing the safety and education forums.  Our host facility is closed during this epidemic.

During this COVID-19 situation, remember that your airplane cabin is easily contaminated if you or a passenger have the sneezes and coughs.  That stuff is not easy to disinfect in your plane.  A recently released paper from two regional Physicians does a great job at summarizing facts and concerns about the potential virus contamination in general aviation airplanes. While we enjoy our personal freedom in the air away from city crowds, being aware of recent facts is prudent for your health and well being.

I strongly recommend you read it so you can make informed judgment about the safety of you and of your passengers, in your personal flights (link available to the left below image).

Meanwhile, I encourage all pilots to take advantage of the on-line materials provided by AOPA, FAA, Pilot Workshops, and many others, to keep your mental awareness and knowledge improvements stimulated.

During the past year I’ve been actively involved with Angel Flight West to update our safety plan, for the benefit of both pilots and passengers.  As expected, many of the elements discussed apply to our General Aviation community.  Proficiency and Knowledge should be an ongoing pursuit for any pilot that cares for the well being of their family and friends that fly with them.

The hardest element to quantify is Attitude.  That is the root cause of most incidents and accidents.  Think about it.  What risks have you taken that were unnecessary, and did you repeat them again (e.g. “Get-there-itis”).  Remember, unplanned stops with hotel and rental car costs are but a fraction of the cost and inconvenience of an accident and a hospital stay!

On a brighter front, Simulation Flight has received and is installing a Boeing 737 Max AATD simulator. It will be one of the few available for pilots preparing for the ATP and ATP’s doing recurring training. It will also be available for GA pilots wanting to experience what it is like to fly a 737.  Check them out their website and Facebook.