After the summer hiatus and September’s CFI VMC/IMC Forum, our chapter’s VMC/IMC Forums are be returning in January!

For those who are not aware, our WPA Paine Chapter and Simulation Flight will be continuing to sponsor and hold monthly safety and education forum’s on both IFR and VFR subjects. These forums are at no cost to pilots and most forums qualify for FAA Wings credits. Bob Collins, owner, is a Paine Chapter member.

These are not a dull lectures. A practical subject/scenario will be presented each time by experienced CFI’s for discussion. Forum participants are encouraged to share their questions, views, and experiences. This is an opportunity to learn from each other in a small group, with guidance from some very experienced pilots.

The next forum will be February 19th starting at 1900 local time. Exactly what topic(s) are discussed and how it evolves is usually strongly influenced by those who participate. Reservation online via or email to is preferred, as space is limited.

Simulation Flight is in the office park, NW across street from the Future of Flight and Holiday Inn at the NW corner of Paine Field.