Winter is often a time when many pilots, including me, don’t get to do as much flying as we would like. We have lots of rain and at times low land snow. Freezing levels are usually below IFR minimum altitudes resulting in icing conditions for those in clouds or precipitation unless you are in an aircraft approved for flight into known icing conditions. But, on those rainy or snowy days, this is a great time to get some simulator time to keep your scan pattern sharp and shoot some practice approaches. The approaches logged in a full motion simulator such as provided by Simulation Flight can be fully logged for maintaining IFR currency.

If you have not attended one of the safety seminars being held at simulation flight, you should seriously consider it. Bob Collins hosts them at Simulation Flight and George Futas usually leads them. They are interactive discussions that will improve your aviation knowledge and how you should react in different scenarios to affect a positive outcome. The last seminar was on January 22, 2020 and the next one is planned for February 19th at 1900.