The Snohomish County Airport Commission serves as an advisory board to the county executive. It was approved by the county council in March 2017. 

The airport commission serves in an advisory role to the county executive on these matters at Paine Field Airport.  More information regarding the Snohomish County Airport Commission can be found at:

  • The Airport budget was reviewed and a question and answer period followed.
  • Runway 11/29 closure, Boeing has 2 1/2 years left. The airport has not released the plan after the lease is up, and will make that determination when they complete a new Airport Master plan.
  • A concern was brought up with long delays in getting fuel from Castle and Cook as well as a timeline for when the self-serve pumps will be operational. Castle and Cook did not attend the meeting and no further information was available.
  • There was a question asking if the Tower hours would be increased to cover the hours of when commercial flights operate. The FAA has a metric that includes frequency of flights that at this time is not being met.
  • A question about future CAT III approach for 16R. The requirements to make 16R a CAT III is a long and expensive list that at this time is not being considered.
  • The next Commission meeting is on 24 Oct at 1800 hrs at 3000 Rockefeller Ave, Everett. All are welcome to attend.