I think that many of you are aware that our annual Paine WPA Chapter work party at the Skykomish Airport is on Saturday, June 15 beginning at 9:00 am but how many of you really know about the larger picture? There are 15 airports that are operated by the Washington State Department of Transportation Aviation division. Below is a map of the 15 WSDoT managed airports showing their location:

Many of these airports have a sponsor recognized by the WSDoT and identified on their website: http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/aviation/Airports/AdoptAirport.htm. In many cases it is a local WPA Chapter but other organizations are helping as well. Sadly some of these airports are lacking a sponsor as you will see below:

  • Bandera (4W0) – Fall City Pilots
  • Copalis (S16) – Needs Sponsor
  • Easton (ESW) – Needs Sponsor
  • Lake Wenatchee, Leavenworth (27W) – Lake Wenatchee Recreational Club
  • Little Goose, Starbuck (16W) – Tri-Cities WPA & EAA Chapters
  • Lower Granite, Colfax (00W) – Spokane WPA Chapter
  • Lower Monumental, Kahlotas (W09) – Needs Sponsor
  • Methow, Winthrop (S52) – Methow Valey, Okanogan & Ferry Counties WPA Chapters
  • Ranger Creek, Green Water (21W) – Green River WPA Chapter
  • Rogersburg, Anatone (D69) – Green River WPA Chapter
  • Skykomish (S88) – Paine Field WPA Chapter
  • Stehekin (6S9) – Needs Sponsor
  • Sullivan Lake, Metaline Falls (09S) – Deer Park WPA Chapter
  • Tieton, Rimrock (4S6) – Washington State Snowmobile Association (WSSA) and Green River WPA Chapter
  • Woodland (W27) – Needs Sponsor

So when our Paine Field WPA Chapter goes up to Skykomish on June 15 this year we are part of a much larger effort to help Washington State look after the 15 WSDoT managed airports.