We had a good turnout for our annual Skykomish work party this year with 18 people participating. We were joined by a member of the Green River WPA Chapter who missed their work party at Ranger Creek airport earlier this year. I would like to thank all of those who participated:

Richard Jones

Richard Jones

President - Paine Field WPA Chapter

  • Jerry & Lynnette Barkley
  • Mark Henninger
  • Richard Beckett
  • Mick Dawson & Gail Roy
  • Stephanie Allen & myself
  • Gregg Ortega & Alix Frazier
  • John & Eleanor Artman
  • Will Tilse & Karen Roehl
  • Tom Deal & Laurel Oates
  • Paul Wolf & Abdullah Aldhahi from Washington State Department of Transportation
  • Green River Chapter Member (missing his name)

Jerry Barkley securing his Birthday Cupcake

Some very nice sack lunches were purchased by our WPA Chapter from the Cascadia Inn for the work party participants. We found out the evening before that our work party coincided with the a big event that the city of Skykomish was hosting called “Tunnel Day” which celebrates the Cascade Railroad Tunnel which was completed in 1929. A number of the local Skykomish residents expressed their gratitude for the work we were doing to help maintain their local airport.