One thing that all of us KPAE/North-End pilots have in common is that we normally want somewhere to go when we fly. One such place that many of us have frequented, even if only for a late-night Touch & Go or ILS approach has been Boeing Field down in Seattle. Well, it looks like things are trying to change at our neighboring airport. I received the following summary of things in the works at Boeing Field (KBFI) from Bruce Williams of Galvin Flying. We thought it’d be a good call-to-arms for our membership to help out our regional GA community. – Jerry Barkley

An updated Master Plan for King Counting International Airport (KBFI) is being completed in January 2021. This new plan will eliminate half of the existing hangar and tie down spaces at Boeing Field for light GA aircraft.

Specifically, the proposal would eliminate ramp spaces and T-hangars in the southwest corner of the airport to make room for a new cargo ramp. Tie-downs in the northeast parking area would also be eliminated to accommodate changes to the approaches and safety zones for runway 14R.

FAA could approve the new master plan as soon as February, and the plan goes through as drafted, the airport could begin removing spaces immediately. The reduction of supply inevitably will lead to rent increases for the remaining tie-downs and hangars.

A group of airport tenants, with support from AOPA and local pilots, is forming a task force to address this surprise, which was revealed only in December 2020. The advocates for GA will focus on three efforts: legal, public pressure, and interaction with airport officials.

For more information about how you can help preserve general aviation’s place at Boeing Field, contact:

Stephen Ratzlaff
President, Washington Seaplane Pilots Association