Hopefully everyone has had a summer that included some fun flying and adventure. This summer I flew to a number of airports and have landed at or visited 100 airports in WA and earned my passport jacket. Some of these airports and areas of the state are places I had never been to; so, this was a very enjoyable experience for me. And just as a reminder, the Fly Washington passport program is alive and well (www.flywashington.org). It provides an incentive to fly to interesting places, explore Washington, patronize aviation businesses, and earn rewards.

As we are in the fall (rainy season), most of you are probably thinking of the holidays, family gatherings, etc., and not doing as much flying due to IFR conditions and potential Ice. I would like to encourage everyone to use a simulator such as the one available at Simulation Flight to keep your skills sharp. Also, this is a good time of the year to upgrade avionics or make other improvements to your airplane so it will be ready when the weather improves.

I would like to encourage you to consider becoming more involved in the Washington Pilots Association and support General Aviation causes throughout the state. As of this writing, we are still looking for a vice president of the WPA Paine Field chapter, and there will likely be several leadership positions available at the state level too. Please let your board know (bod@wpapainefield.org) if you would be open to serving in a leadership capacity in the WPA.

As you are buying parts and services, make sure you are taking advantage of the member benefits that are being rolled out to all WPA members (www.wpaflys.org/member-discounts). The savings realized can more than pay for your membership for several years!

If you have not yet purchased your tickets to the Paine Field Chapters Christmas party please do so at Paine Field Chapter web site (www.wpapainefield.org/event/2021-12-03-christmas-party/).

Finally, if you have not renewed your 2022 membership to the WPA, please do so as soon as possible. And, if you could consider a little bit extra for the YASF (Youth in Aviation Scholarship Fund), a worthwhile charitable foundation to promote aviation training for young people that would be greatly appreciated! The more members, the more resources we have to use in supporting general aviation in Washington.

Stay healthy and fly safely!