We have been blessed with some great flying weather over the last few months and I hope you have been able to take advantage of it. My wife and I enjoyed joining the Southwest Chapter of WPA for their Sullivan Lake Father’s Day fly-out/camping trip. It was a great opportunity to socialize with fellow members

Now that things are getting back to normal, I encourage you to get out, do some flying, stay current, and patronize your favorite businesses and the the remaining events that are scheduled for the remainder of the year. One of the unfortunate casualties of the cancellations this year was the Republic fly-in which, according to their website, has been indefinitely cancelled. I’m sure we all join together in hoping that all of the events that chose to cancel this year will be able to return in the future.

We did have a good turnout at the Skykomish Work Party on Saturday, June 12. We had planned on having a fly-out to Skykomish in September however delays in the planning as well as some unforeseen schedule conflicts caused us to cancel those plans for the time being. We hope that we can hold a similar fly-out at Skykomish where we can all fly in and enjoy the airport we help maintain. To the right are some pictures from that work party. The work party crew, not all pictured below, included Rick Beckert, Jerry Barkley, Gregg Ortega, Tom Brown, John Artman. Eleanor Artman, and Mark Henninger.

As the summer starts to morph into fall, there are still a number of fly-out events being scheduled. You can find some at Flights Above The Pacific Northwest Events page (www.facebook.com/groups/fatpnw/events) and the WPA’s Events page (www.wpaflys.org/events). Your Board of Directors are still working on confirming a speaker for the October meeting but we’ve lined up a great speaker for our November meeting. Shinji Meada recently completed an around the world trip in a Bonanza BE35 and will be joining us at our November meeting for what I’m sure will be a riveting presentation. We have decided to continue holding hybrid meetings until for the time being. We would encourage all members who feel comfortable gathering in-person to join us at Shawn O’Donnels. We hope to be able to resume dinner meetings at Sno-Isle Le Bistro Shortly after the New Year!

As you are buying parts and services, make sure you are taking advantage of the WPA Member Benefits that are available to all WPA members (www.wpaflys.org/member-discounts). The savings realized can more than pay for your membership for several years!

The Fly Washington passport program is alive and well (www.flywashington.org). This is a great opportunity to fly to interesting places, explore Washington, patronize aviation businesses, and earn rewards.

Stay healthy and fly safely!