Hopefully, 2021 is getting off to a good start for WPA members. There is much hope that 2021 will be better than 2020 as people get vaccinated and we get the virus under control; thus, allowing us to return to some sense of normalcy. As conditions allow your board will schedule some Fly-Outs and other social activities. If you have suggestions, please let us know.

Rich Jones and Gregg Ortega are busy working with the Paine Field Master Plan Advisory Committee to ensure that GA interests and needs are being addressed in the next version of the Master Plan for Paine Field. The main goal is making Paine Field attractive for both pilots who live in the Northwest looking for a home for their airplane as well as those transiting the area looking for a friendly FBO to meet their needs. With the closure of runway 11/29, the WPA Paine Field chapter will be looking to get some infrastructure improvements to address GA needs such as:

  1. Additional hangers to address the Paine Field hanger waitlist (currently at 231 pilots) and other pilots wanting to hanger at Paine due to dislocation at Boeing Field for example
  2. Additional tie-down space for KPAE based aircraft and transient aircraft
  3. An additional full service FBO with a focus on GA
  4. Lower cost fuel competitive with Arlington
  5. An airport restaurant targeting GA with hopefully a good view to make for a nice attraction to transient pilots
  6. Looking for ways to make Paine Field attractive for existing and potential new GA businesses to form.

If you have any specific suggestion for infrastructure improvement, please let your board know.

As we start 2021, please take advantage of opportunities to get in some flying and stay current while staying safe and healthy!