Changing of the Guard

I have great confidence in Rick Beckert’s leadership skills and I hope that our whole organization both welcomes and supports him in his new role as President of the Paine Field WPA Chapter.  Rick has already been at work on ideas for improving our Paine Field Chapter.

Looking Back

I looked back at our past newsletters this morning as I had forgotten how long I have been president of the Paine Field WPA Chapter.  My first president’s message appeared in the January 2016 newsletter.  This seems like a long time ago now.  During this time I have also served as the State WPA Vice President West and I am now serving as the State WPA Membership Director.  While I may be retiring from the Paine Field Chapter President’s office I will still be a member of the Paine Field Chapter Board as Past President.

I have been a WPA member continuously beginning in 1996 and this is an easy year for me to remember for a couple of reasons.  I returned from a two year Boeing assignment in Cleveland Ohio that year and my Bonanza won the Grand Champion Contemporary trophy at Oshkosh that same summer.  A lot of good things have happened for me while I have been a member of WPA.  The best thing was meeting my wife and sharing our many adventures together.  The second best thing are all the friendships I have developed over the years.

Looking Ahead

The energy level in the Paine Field Chapter remains high and I am looking forward to another great year of working together.  I am looking forward to getting to know some of our newer chapter members better.  The social aspect of our Paine Field Chapter is one of the most important of our four pillars (  Without it the other three pillars would not be possible.