The Paine Field Master Plan update is now underway. The last master plan update was done in 2002 and can be viewed on the Paine Field web site at: You will note that there is a place holder here for publishing activities as the master plan update proceeds. It is anticipated that the master plan update will take more than two years to accomplish.

Our Paine Field WPA Chapter is involved in the master plan update as we have representation on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee. I am the official representative from our WPA chapter but we managed to get another spot on this committee as well. For you who may not know him, Gregg Ortega is one of our WPA chapter members who lives on Frontier Air Park. As part of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee selection process each Snohomish County Council member was allowed to select a representative from their district. Gregg Ortega was selected by the Snohomish County Council member for his district. I was very happy to see a second general aviation oriented person joining us on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee. Gregg was not able to make the first virtual meeting because he was out of the country at the time and he was not able to get a good enough network connection to join the virtual meeting. I am glad that there are two of us as I may not be able to attend all of the meetings over the next two plus years.

The kickoff meeting for the Stakeholder Advisory Committee was held on November 19, from 1:00 to 3:00 PM via Microsoft Teams virtual meeting. The agenda for the meeting was as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Meeting Objectives
  • Introduce Members
Terry Ryan, Chair
1:20Stakeholder Advisory Committee Roles and Responsibilities
  • Charge to the Committee
  • Decision-making structure
Rita Brogan, Facilitator
1:35Airport Master Planing 101
  • What is an Airport Master Plan?
  • Roles of FAA and Snohomish County
  • Federal Grants and Assurance
Landrum & Brown Project Team
1:50The Context
  • Regional economic overview
  • Historical context
  • Examples of similar airports
Landrum & Brown Project Team
2:30Initial Issues for ConsiderationLandrum & Brown Project Team
2:40Round RobinRita Brogan, Facilitator
3:00Next Steps and AdjournTerry Ryan, Chair

A fair bit of time was spent on the master plan update process via a presentation given by the Landrum & Brown Consulting team: You will note from their web site that they have done a lot of large airport projects around the world including work at our more local Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. You will not find anything regarding the Paine Field project on their web site at this time.

Paine Field administration intends the master plan update to be as transparent as possible with meetings recorded so that anyone can view the work being done. Unfortunately there was some sort of snafu and the recording of the kickoff meeting did not happen. I have asked Ryan Zulauf to post the presentation materials from the meeting on their web site and he advised that he would do this as well as make sure that all future meetings will be recorded as they had planned.

The next step is for the Paine Field Airport Administration to send out a requirements questionnaire to all airport tenants. I asked “Who do you consider to be an airport tenant?” The answer was any person or entity who holds a lease on Paine Field. I was advised that this would happen soon but no date to complete has been provided yet.

We are a very long way from discussions regarding a revised airport layout. That work is done toward the end of the master plan update. Our objective is to keep the general aviation community engaged in this project for the next two plus years and make sure that our issues are addressed in the updated master plan.