On April 2nd, Greg Ortega and I met with Paine Field Airport Director Arif Ghouse, Snohomish County Council Members Sam Low and Nate Nehring, and Legislative Assistant Russel Wiita via Skype from our homes.

The purpose of the meeting was to follow up on previous issues raised with the Snohomish County Council in early December and see what actions were being taken. Topics discussed included:

  1. Fuel Availability and Pricing – Arif has had some discussions with the main office of Castle and Cooke regarding our concerns. Castle and Cooke has their self fueling station up and running and the current price is set at $5.35/gal. Arif indicated that they are currently looking to get a second fuel supplier at KPAE in the short term, but a second full service FBO won’t happen until the master plan is updated.
  2. Master Plan Update – In the next couple of weeks the Paine Field Airport Management will be working on completing the application for airport grants to leverage federal funding. Paine Field Airport Management will have one year to complete the master plan to reflect runway 11/29 closure and what infrastructure improvements will replace the runway. Arif understands GA has a large presence at Paine Field and he is supportive of our requests. Your PFCWPA board will be providing input to the master plan update. As a side note: Larry Hinton pointed out that if we are able to incorporate the National Guard site in the master plan update there are already above-ground fuel tanks that may possibly be used.
  3. Passenger Drop Offs – To avoid a drop off charge by Castle and Cooke you are advised to drop off passengers at Northway and use the main gate to the parking lot and walk over to the terminal on the street side.

Our plan is to meet quarterly with the county council, so our next meeting should be sometime in July.