I received some very sad news from WPA members Craig and Carla Hogan yesterday evening. Craig asked me to get his message to his fellow aviators into the next Paine Field Chapter newsletter. Those of you who are inclined to pray might say a prayer for Craig and Carla. Craig’s message to us follows.

Hi fellow pilots and WPA members,

Some of you were made aware that I was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer at one of our Saturday morning breakfasts. Since then additional tests have revealed that the cancer has spread to the liver. This reduces my options, including surgery, as was the previous strategy. The University of Washington medical staff and doctors have been outstanding.

Carla and I have a lot of administrative tasks to accomplish. Right now we are taking each day at a time.

Some of you I know better that others, but we all share a unique bond of being aviators. I will always cherish the identity of being a pilot!

Craig and Carla Hogan

Richard Jones

Richard Jones

President - Paine Field WPA Chapter