As of February 14 we have a total of 186 members, 18 of which are brand new members to our chapter. I would like to personally welcome each of our new members to our chapter, and am looking forward to meeting you, and enjoying our wonderful hobby together. And as a reminder, spouses and partners of members, are also members. So in reality we could have around 350 members (just a WAG). If you do not have a Paine Field Member Badge shoot me an email or get a hold of me at the next meeting, and I will make one for you.

Now that we are (hopefully) at the tail end of the snow in Western Washington, we can start to look forward to the beginning of the 2019 flying season. And in that vein, we will be gathering together a committee soon lead by Jerry Barkley, to plan this seasons flying activities. So if you have an interest in participating in the planning contact Jerry.
Will Tilse

Will Tilse

Membership Director

Lately at the general meetings I have been passing out “Join Paine Field WPA” business cards, and have been encouraging everyone to get your pilot friends to join. Be sure to tell them of all the benefits afforded to them, such as the 15 cents a gallon fuel discount at Castle and Cook gas pumps at Paine Field, and Arlington Airport. And don’t forget the wonderful camaraderie at our social gatherings, and dinner meetings. Guest speakers, talking on varied topics of aviation. Fly outs to fun, and exiting places. And the added strength it gives our community as we advocate for aviation. Our Paine Field chapter already has the largest number of members in the state, and we are looking to make it even bigger.
Be sure to come to the general meetings, as I will be raffling off WPA memorabilia. And don’t miss the March 1st general meeting, as Jerry will be auctioning off a one-hour flight Northway Aviation’s Cirrus SR20, donated by Jim Grant at Northway Aviation. Thanks Jim. All proceeds go to our Youth Aviation Scholarship Fund.