On January 21, 2020, Richard Beckert, Jerry Barkley, Rich Jones, and Stephanie Allen met with Ryan Zulauf at his office at Paine field. Ryan’s manager Arif Ghouse also dropped by for part of the discussion.

The purpose of the meeting was to follow up on issues raised with the Snohomish County Council in early December and see what actions were being taken. Topics discussed included:

  1. The arrival of commercial air service to Paine Field has brought increased security with sheriff deputies on site 24 hours per day. An increase in the general public as well as homeless activities, drug activities, etc. can create security risks for the airport.
  2. Fuel availability and pricing – Arif and Ryan are currently working with Castle and Cooke to address our concerns. They are also looking to get a second FBO on-line. They would like it to be a full service FBO. The question of where to place the FBO is TBD. To place it between the two runways would make the most sense and minimize the number of runway crossings. This will be addressed in the master plan update.
  3. As part of the Master plan update, Everett Helicopters will need to move to the East side of the short runway due to operational safety issues.
  4. GA has operations in many areas of Paine Field airport. As part of the master plan update, changes will be made to be more GA friendly. WPA and other GA stakeholders will be able to review and provide input on the master plan update to ensure that GA concerns are addressed.
  5. Paine Field is looking to get $2.1M of federal funding plus a 10% local match for a 90/10 split. Grant applications are due April 1, 2020.
  6. The topic of eliminating runway 11/29, which is not eligible for FAA funding, was also discussed. WPA recognizes the desire for permanent closure of runway 11/29 and would like to request some additional hangers and other GA friendly infrastructure improvements resulting from the freed up real estate that runway 11/29 now occupies. Ryan requested a letter from WPA supporting runway the removal of 11/29 and any other GA requests for the master plan update. I asked Rich Jones to draft this letter considering his background with operating out of Paine Field.
  7. The airlines want more terminal space and flights at Paine Field, so there is talk of Commercial Air Terminal phase two. But at this point it is not clear if that would be an expansion of the current terminal or a second terminal located somewhere else on the field. It may be possible to use some of the land on the west side of the airport for a terminal, but Boeing owns part of the land and part of the land may be challenging to develop as it will require a significant amount of fill.

I and others from WPA will be meeting on a regular basis with Paine Field management to ensure our concerns are being adequately addressed both now and in the master plan update.

Arif Ghouse, Paine Field Airport Director, is confirmed to be our speaker at our March 6, 2020 dinner meeting. Steve Podradchik from Seattle Avionics is confirmed to be our speaker at the February 7, 2020 dinner meeting. Steve will demonstrate a soon-to-be released version of FlyQ v4.5. He will also bring a discount order form for those interested.