Make Wings and Fly

As we head into spring and with the weather improving, hopefully you are getting some flying in and staying current.  Most airport restaurants are now open with reduced seating capacity.  My wife and I recently flew to Orcas Island for a fun day trip.  This is her favorite airport for a day trip.  Your board is currently scheduling some fly-out events.  As they get firmed up, we will send you an email.  So, please monitor your email for notices of events and fly-out information.

Rich Jones was able to secure a venue for our 2021 Christmas party.  It will be held Friday, Dec 3 at the Edmunds Yacht Club.  As we get closer look for more details on this exciting holiday celebration.  There are two events scheduled for June 12, 2021:

  1. Skykomish work party
  2. DART exercise with food drive

Look for more information on both events.  Additionally, the Fly Washington passport program is alive and well (  As the weather improves, please take advantage of opportunities to fly, visit airports, patronize their businesses, and stay current while staying safe and healthy!

Advocacy Matters

Considering the changes that will be coming to Paine Field with the master plan update, your membership is extremely critical to the WPA in looking out for GA interests.  Some of the issues we are trying to address include:

  1. The loss of Aviation day at Paine Field due to logistical difficulties with TSA requirements
  2. Lack of access to reasonable priced fuel on-field due to recent practices of the dominant FBO
  3. Tighter security requirements imposed on us in and around our hangars that seem out-of-norm considering other airports
  4. Ensuring FBOs have good public access, and
  5. Loss of airplane tie downs and reasonable transient access

Two of your WPAPFC members serve on the Master Plan Stakeholders committee and one WPAPFC member is now serving on the airport commission.  With the permanent closure of runway 11/29, we are working closely with the airport management to get a second FBO/fuel supplier at Paine Field.  We have nearly 300 airplane owners on the hangar waitlist; as part of the master plan updates we are working to get more hangars built to address this demand.

The more members we have, the stronger our voice will be with the airport commission and policy makers.  To increase our membership, we recently launched a membership drive.  A couple of weeks ago your board sent out 500 packets to prospective members that are airplane owners and live within 20 miles of Paine Field, but who are not members of WPA.  If you know of a pilot or airplane owner who flies out of Paine and is not a member of the WPA, please encourage them to join so they can have a voice in the changes that will be coming to Paine Field.  We have an opportunity to make Paine Field much more GA friendly than it is today!

Membership Has It’s Benefits

As you are buying parts and services, make sure you are taking advantage of the member benefits that are being rolled out to all WPA members.  The savings realized can more than pay for your membership for several years! More details on exercising your discount can be found at