Weekly Saturday Fly-Out

This Week’s Destination:
AJ Eisenberg Airport – KOKH

Lunch Pick:
Penn Cove Musselfest

Want to Join us Next Time? Meet at Regal Air around 9:30am Saturday Morning (weather permitting). Departure at 10am. Seats are available first come, first serve; extra aircraft always welcome.

For the Saturday morning fly-out on March 2nd I flew a couple friends to the Oak Harbor Airport aka Eisenberg (KOKH). We met up with Steve Waterman who is now based at Auburn. He flew in his recently built RV-7A. Steve says he is having so much fun flying it that he hasn’t had time to get it painted.

The weather was spectacular albeit a bit bumpy between 2000-3000 feet. Fellow member Dan Diessner, who lives on Whidbey Island, graciously picked us up and transported us around to the other side of Penn Cove to the town of Coupeville (approximately 6 miles) where all the action was. There was lots going on there including a mussel a eating competition, boat tours of the mussel farm, a chowder cooking competition, cooking demonstrations, a bike ride, acapella choir, etc. Nobody left hungry! The mussels were harvested only hours before we consumed them and were delicious.

After we were done we returned to Eisenberg for departure and witnessed an actual emergency. A plane ahead of us departed and his engine started sputtering badly. He made a 180 and landed very far down the runway and went off the end into the grass. Didn’t look like there was any damage or injuries luckily. I would like to see a bigger group next year if the weather cooperates. I understand there is bus service from the airport.