Weekly Saturday Fly-Out

This Week’s Destination:
Mears Field Airport – 3W5

Lunch Pick:
5 B’s Bakery

Want to Join us Next Time? Meet at Regal Air around 9:30am Saturday Morning (weather permitting). Departure at 10am. Seats are available first come, first serve; extra aircraft always welcome.

Originally, five pilots and four planes resolved to fly for brunch at Concrete, with Plan “B” as Darrington, but only three pilots and three planes made it. Sandy’s plane, unfortunately, had generator problems during run-up. Brunch was enjoyed at a the “5 B’s Bakery” in Concrete, which is famous for its cinnamon buns. The place was a regular hive of activity, well-patronized by locale. All-in-all, a very pleasant experience! As it turned-out, our Plan “B”, Darrington, had a snow-covered runway, which I captured in one picture, so it’s well that Concrete was Plan “A”. We also flew by the Oso landslide and the infamous Navy broadcasting network that Russia has (allegedly) targeted. Now that the weather is improving, we need more pilots to participate in the Saturday fly-outs! – John Peck