On October 4, 2019 I received an email from Brad Widrig regarding the re-badging of Paine Field tenants. I immediately make an appointment and filled out all of the required paperwork. I am still waiting for notice that my new badge is ready. Two noteworthy things were in the email: “We are ready to begin re-badging West ramp tenants to our new TSA compliant badges.” This implies that not everyone received this notice. The notice closes with: “All PAE badge holders need to renew their AOA badge by December 31st, 2019 to avoid interruptions.” So I would advise everyone to pay close attention to their email as the Paine Field staff really do intend to get the re-badging done by the end of the year and if you don’t get yours done your access to Paine Field could be denied for a significant period of time as this new badging process requires significant flow time (i.e. you will not receive your new badge at your first appointment).