We had a record 125 people attending our January WPA Paine Field Chapter monthly meeting in the new Commercial Air Terminal at Paine Field! For the few of you who did not book a reservation before we filled up, I am sorry about that. We were given a hard limit of 125 for this special event and the space was packed. Propeller Airports took us on a tour of the new terminal whichis still in the final stages of construction. Even in the unfinished state we can see what a lovely commercial air terminal it is. I would like to thank all of those people at Propeller Airports who helped make this event happen and joined us for our event:

  • Brett Smith, CEO Propeller Airports who invited us
  • Mark Reichin, Chief Operating Officer Propeller Airports
  • Vanessa Dunn, Propeller Airports coordinated many of the details.
Richard Jones

Richard Jones

President - Paine Field WPA Chapter

After the tour Brett Smith briefed us on Propeller Airports objectives of bringing civility back into commercial air travel and all of the considerations that went into both the construction and operation of the air terminal in order to make air travel an enjoy able and relaxing experience. One of our members advised me that he has already purchased an airline ticket to fly out of Paine Field.


For those of you who were not at this event I would like to mention that many of the Propeller Airports executive team are pilots. Brett Smith intends to offer services for our pilot community that you will not find at most airports:

  • Pilots flying into Castle & Cooke and departing on a commercial flight will get free pickup in one of their SUVs and transported to the terminal entrance!
  • Local pilots who wish to park their car in their hangar at Paine Field will get free pickup and transportation to the terminal entrance!

I would like to extend our thanks to Propeller Airports for making this event happen for us. Propeller Airports paid for the special event permit and Fire Watch costs that were required due to the terminal still being under construction.