It’s a little tougher this year with fewer opportunities to gather, but the work of the WPA goes on. Many chapters are holding virtual meetings and (when the weather is better) we’re still flying. If you haven’t, please go to the WPA website – – and join or renew today!

WPA Member Benefits Program

If the lack of gatherings is a disappointment (it is), the Member Benefits Program should be encouraging. Some examples of those discounts include a case of XC20-50 for $48, or take advantage of a five to 15 percent discount with your future orders from Aircraft Spruce!

Sometimes it’s hard to spend $40 for dues, but I’ve already saved $200 this year in purchases alone just by employing the WPA 2021 Member Benefits Program. If you have any questions, please contact your chapter’s president for the details.

That’s Not All

And if that isn’t enough, on January 1st, we’ll pull a name at random from the paid members list and I’ll cast a set of The Best Damn Chocks on the Field for the winner or their designee! These chocks will feature your N-number on the front chock and your aircraft’s logo on the other chock.

These chocks are cast from aircraft pistons that’ll outlast your airplane and make you the envy of lesser pilots on the field. These usually run $200 a set.
Support your chapter and the work of the State WPA all the while saving money on equipment, supplies, parts, fuel, and other vital services.

Hey! You just might score a cool set of chocks for joining or renewing today!

To Join or Renew:

  1. Browse to
  2. Click the button labeled “Join or Renew for 2021”
  3. Enter your Last Name and your Zip Code
  • If you recently moved and haven’t updated your information with the WPA, use your old zip code.
  1. Click your name to begin the process of renewing.
  • If you are not a member, you will not see your name and the page will indicate that it can’t find your membership and offer you to become a new member.

But Wait… There’s MORE!

How would you like to receive General Aviation News at a discounted rate? Take advantage of this discount.

All that is required to activate the subscription is to choose the option while you are renewing your 2021 membership dues online, or by indicating the dollar amount on the paper form.

A one year subscription — 24 issues — cost only $25.00 with your 2021 WPA membership, and its easy to add a subscription to your renewal dues, or as a new member.

The regular price is $29.95 ==> Save $4.25 and purchase another gallon of 100L <==