For those of you who are not aware, Arlington Flight Services is offering a fuel discount of 3% to all WPA members. The current fuel price at AFS is $4.859. With the fuel discount of 3% you will save about 14.6 cents per gallon making your price about $4.71 which is quite a bit less than anyone else in the local area. You will have to purchase a fuel card for $10 and payments will have to be made with cash, check or online payment system. Please contact Arlington Flight Services at if you are interested in participating in this fuel discount program.

I have been flying long enough to remember the days when I always carried my check book with me to pay for fuel while flying cross country. Sometimes I would ask the FBO if they ever got a bad check. I only found one who ever got ripped off, and it was by a jet aircraft owner. Now days we are very used to self-service fuel systems. I lived in Cleveland for a couple of years a long time ago. The only fuel available at my local city airport belonged to a private individual. If you wanted fuel you pumped it yourself and recorded your name, address, and gallons received in the fuel log at the pump. I received a bill once a month which I paid by check. I asked the fuel owner how much fuel he had lost as the fuel pump was never locked up. His answer was: “Not a drop”. This history says a lot about honesty in our pilot community.