On May 11, HFF’s C-47B (DC-3) will begin an historic mission to Normandy. The domestic portion will include two stops en route to Oxford, Connecticut where HFF’s beautiful example will join 19 other C-47s for training, trip planning and an air show on the Hudson River including a formation flight around the Statue of Liberty. On May 18th the C-47s will depart Oxford for Goose Bay, continuing in the following days to Greenland, Iceland, Scotland and England.

We are pleased to make available to a select group of passengers, the entire journey to the D-Day staging area at Duxford, England, or the shorter domestic portion from Paine Field to Oxford, Connecticut. Will you join our mission? For further information or to discuss participation, contact john@historicflight.org. The maximum passenger complement is eight. 

Submitted on the behalf of Historic Flight Foundation by Stephanie Allen