The WPA (Paine Chapter) has a unique opportunity to host an Aviation Explorer Post and help youth (age 14-21) explore careers in aviation.  Aviation exploring combines some classroom training with introductory flight lessons.  Explorers get to experience firsthand what it’s like to be a pilot, aircraft mechanic, flight engineer, air traffic controller, etc.  More details of the Aviation Exploring program can be found at: 

While it will be a time commitment for those involved, it does present an opportunity for WPA to work with the youth in our local community and help get them interested in aviation careers.  I am sure that many Aviation Explorers would cherish the opportunity to begin working toward their pilot license.  As most of you are aware the airlines are facing a pilot shortage.  We at WPA could play a role in helping to solve this problem by creating more pilots and building a community awareness of the benefits of general aviation.

To start an aviation post does require a minimum of 5 adults and 5 youth at a cost of $43/person for annual registration in the Explorer program as well as a fee of $60 by the hosting organization and a place to meet.