Where did April & May Go!

Hi Everyone! Sorry its been a few months since I’ve published a new issue!

Who knew that working from home would leave me with less free time but that’s what I found after I – along with I’m sure many of you – found myself working from home since March. I’m not quite sure if the past two months “Zoomed” by or if they have seemed to go on forever! I’m still trying to figure that part out.

As the only IT guy at the company I work for, I’ve found that the needs placed on me by my employer multiplied many-fold despite all of us working from home. A few critical work projects, combined with my son breaking his arm at the beginning of May and some other family matters that needed addressing the past 2+ months I’ve found no time to work on The Paine Flyer and thus I’m publishing the combined May/June issue.

Fortunately, things seem to be starting to open back up, which will hopefully yield some more free time for me as as things get back to “normal” (who knows). I know that I will be excited to get back in the air as I’ve been grounded due to some poor planning on my part. I know several of you have been tearing up the skies as I’ve heard the planes overhead the Snoqualmie River Valley and seen the photos on Facebook.

Here’s hoping everyone is staying safe and managing to have some fun still despite the stir-craziness that I’m sure all of us share at this point. As you may have seen on the chapter Facebook group and the various chapter-wide emails that have been sent out, since many of our favorite fly-ins have been canceled this summer, the leadership is working on getting together some events where we can make up for some of the isolation that we’ve been forced to endure.

As always, if you have any articles or news items that you want to disseminate to the membership, don’t hesitate to send them to newsletter@wpapainefield.org and I’ll do what I can to get them in the next newsletter (whenever it comes out)!

Safe Flying! See you in the skies!