Once again, the Paine Field WPA Chapter Board of Directors has reluctantly canceled our chapter events for August and September due to the statewide restrictions on gatherings. The biggest of these events being our end-of-summer Hangar Party. We’ve continued to discuss some chapter-only/restricted events at venues where social distancing can be better accomplished for those who wish to. Several members participated in a socially distanced get-together hosted by Jerry Barkley & the other owners at Riverview Airpark (9WA). Sorry for the low key announcement that was sent out via email. We didn’t want to draw too much unwanted attention to our events so that we cause unwarranted scrutiny. This is the reason why further details of this event were not more widespread.

As we continue to come up with ideas to promote aviation amongst our membership we’ll be sure to send notifications out by email and the newsletter (when appropriate). We’re also doing our best to not cancel more events between now and the end of the year; however, the uncertainty surrounding restrictions on group events makes this very difficult. However, this is something that we would love to hear back from our membership on! So please be thinking of ideas and share them with us and your fellow members. Email the board at bod@wpapainefield.org with your ideas!